Another Smitswinkelsbaai fishermen painting

I don’t know so much about these big epic pieces.  It is quite a mission to keep it together for the duration.  But I was so keen to do this painting with BIG rocks in the foreground.  I planned this carefully and still had to redraw quite a bit – but I am quite pleased with how this is going.  I have to put it aside for now but will come back to finish it off.

I wanted to make the foreground rocks lighter but then had to anchor them in the shadow so they got a bit heavier.  I quite like the rocks behind the standing rasta-man dude.

This is on a full sheet of Arches 300gm cold pressed (560x760mm)


8 thoughts on “Another Smitswinkelsbaai fishermen painting

    • Hey thanks Leslie – this is great feedback – yes I want to get to it this evening. I have my first meeting of the year tomorrow so I need to manage my time. Fortunately I have really nice clients so this is a good start to the year.

  1. Hey Stephen !
    I can’t seem to open your posts, and I really want to read them.
    So, having sailed past Smits several tims on the hobie as part of the annual Cape Point Challenge from Fishhoek to Cape Point and back, I have this romantic notion that it could be a nice venue for a wedding ? Not sure tho, and would appreciate some comments from someone who has been a little closer than on a boat about 1 km out to sea. (And after several hours I suppose that any piece of land looks appealing !)
    My Beloved is a pilot and I accompanied him to work during December so got to do a fair bit of jetsetting recently.
    The Hobie is unfortunately on a container somewhere between Cape Town and Dar es Salaam so am missing the sailing.
    Hope all is well with you, it would be great to do coffee and catchup sometime 🙂

    • Hey Carolyn
      Smits is a beautiful place – I am certain there is somewhere you can rent as a base for a wedding ceremony – I will poll my contacts (o:
      Gotto be prepared for baboon interest though.
      I could read the comment easily.
      It must be beaut sailing around there if you know where the reefs are.

      Yeah coffee would be good – I will bz you next time I come through town.
      Nice to see you here


    • Hi Sonya
      Thanks for this note.
      It troubles me when people run into technical issues like this.
      Sometimes it is because the version of WP I am using here is designed to run on the latest versions of the browsers out there.
      Though I know it is not always possible to upgrade.

      It is so good to hear from you again though.

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