Sinead in the kitchen – take II

And here is my second painting of Sinead cooking in the kitchen.  I darkened the background to focus on Sinead, my gentle child working away at a dinner for the family.

Also Arches Hot pressed – 560x380mm

here is how it started:

And here is the last version I posted


10 thoughts on “Sinead in the kitchen – take II

  1. Hey dad great paintings!!!! Getting better and better
    Now that you are redoing your paintings!!
    Have fun haha
    Love from ethan

  2. I’ve not looked at your blog for ages – how busy you’ve been! This is really excellent – I always have a special liking for your seascapes & boulders but this totally different subject works really well too.

    • Dear Sonya – how are you doing? It is great to see you here. Thanks for the feedback on this. My year has begun again and I can feel the constriction on my painting time and my energy but I am so keen to keep going.
      I have been to see your work too.
      Good luck with your exhibition.

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