Sinead in the kitchen

My sweet daughter has become quite a cook.  She regularly makes meals for us and makes cookies and mega banana-bread.  So here she is in the kitchen – take I.

This is on 300gm Arches Hot Pressed – 560×380 and the photo was taken by Ethan on his iPod because my camera has gone on a hike.


4 thoughts on “Sinead in the kitchen

  1. This is so interesting, Stephen! The colors of everything on the shelves in the background and on the counter, the Russell between her feet and her pose while hard at her task. Lovely color and story!

    • Hi Leslie – Aura put up a colourful curtain over the shelves that I thought would balance nicely with all the colours in the spice and herb bottles on the spice-rack and the monochrome floor area with big fat Mia. This morning I re-read Charles Reid who also says that there are a few key elements in the figure and the face and the rest can be (should be) blur. I must get a little more colour in her hands I think. I want to set up another go now. Have a great day there.

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