Summer breeze at The Pipe

I have spent a few days now doing some of the projects that have been crying out for attention.  Today I completed putting a new top on a table I had made long ago.   And that was enough.  The wind had dropped today and I decided my soul needed watercolour.

This is 180x280mm and is on 185gm Arches cold pressed.

Living down at this latitude means that we have long days in summer and there was time to go down to The Pipe.  As I got there the wind picked up and I relived the joy of sitting on an uncomfortable pile of sand, towel and clothes, in a strong wind and painting at an angle that prevents me from seeing the colours I am using.  Bliss!

I see that this is the first Pipe painting I have done  in 2 months!!!  zis is not gute!!!!

4 thoughts on “Summer breeze at The Pipe

  1. Ah, the Pipe. I was wondering if you had forgotten about your favorite painting subject. It’s good to see you hadn’t.

    Wonderful to see an ocean picture. I can feel the warm breezes. I like the yellow of the sand reflecting the heat of the sun. Much better than how it’s been this side with cold and snow.

    • Hi Carol – yep it is still there – though we have had hectic South Easters. The wind has blown a spit of sand out into the bay – it will wash away I guess but it is interesting to see how much it has blown. I am not getting as much painting done as I wanted to but am getting some at least. I hope you are producing more water-towers – S

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