Sentinel II

Here comes the second cut.  This time I am getting smart and heck of technical!!!  I did this last night after sending a proposal off to a client from the other world.  I was yawning away but just wanted to get this going.   I decided to use a cool blue for the sky – hem hem – Notice how the sky goes back and the sea comes forward.  Golly – it really does!  And I also used staining pigments like Windsor blue so the sky and the sea are not so grainy – neither here nor there cause I like grainy but there you are.  And I made the shadows on the blocks a bit darker AND I put in the cast shadows – so lets see how this develops.

My friend Leslie in Indiana is also painting Sentinels, which is really kind of cool.

And so this is how it looks now, after an hour of Eric Clapton’s blues.

I have to lay this aside as I have been summoned to do DIY – oh rapture oh joy!!!

OOOOO Kaaaaay – a day of woodwork – more pole fences.  And a start on replacing the top of a table.  Years ago,when I first moved out into my studio – having converted our garage, I built a table with scaffold planking. We all sat around it when I ran a small watercolour class here.  It was a lot of fun.  Anycase the table had to go out on the deck to make place for shelves for my growing library to support my thirst for knowledge of the other world.  The wood had not been treated so it rotted and now I am doing something about it so that we can again have dinner in the shade in summer.  So…  I will show you when it is done.  Anycase now I am back in the studio and have completed this painting with the help of Costes 2.

I have realised that a nice way to start a painting session is to start with a small brush and progress to bigger brushes as my confidence settles.

So here it is:

This is on Arches 300gm  Cold Pressed and is half a sheet (380x560mm or 15 x 22 inches I forget the conversion rates to cubits (o:  )


6 thoughts on “Sentinel II

  1. Stephen, some advice… (for the diy, not the painting) We had a friend who used to say, that when his wife gives him a list of what must be done. (now I have to say it in afr.) Dan sit hy net ‘n ‘laat’ vooraan. Laat verf, laat sit rakke op…
    The trees are really nice, and the blocks.

    • heh heh – dis nou gooie raad maar dit kan ook meer werk veroorsaak – heh heh.

      thanks hey – I enjoyed doing this one.
      Have you been able to paint today?
      mmm – actually I have been thinking it is weekend today – with all the DIY – I actually have more work to do from the other world before I can kick back.

      Nice to have you visit here – are you guys also getting blown away there – South Easter is still blowing here.

    • It is a beautiful rock isn’t it? I really want to get down there in the next couple of weeks to do some painting on site. I have both paintings up next to my work table. Mmmmm your comparison is valuable for reflection.

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