The sentinel

OK here we go; the Thumbnail,  just to show I do plan, from time to time.

I am busy with the sketch now.  Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn.  What a player!!

Here is the first and second wash:

OK this is where I have got to now.  I have been listening to the Praetorius Mass played on authentic period instruments with the most beautiful singing.

I love the granite blocks that line the Chapman’s Peak drive.  Because of their light colour, the shadows they cast are much much darker than their shaded side.  I think though that I could have gone a little darker.   Anyway we shall see – this is another redo painting I think.

So what can follow Herr Praetorius?  OK – the Stones – the Strolling Bones…

So here it looks now:


16 thoughts on “The sentinel

  1. Hi Steve

    Love this painting! I think this is one I must buy from you.
    Snow all over the mountains over here, beautiful!


    • Hullo my brother – how are you doing there? Have you connected with my friend K yet?
      Thanks for these kind comments – what do you think now?
      I would love to see the snow.
      But the cold would freak me out.

      I am coming to look at your site soon


  2. Steve, tell me, do you take a photo of your paintings when you get back home, or out there where you are painting? I like your website. I want one too. How do I get it? Help me, my firend.
    Love Heidi
    P.S. This is not one of my favourite pictures you painted. Those granite stones look like tombstones.

    • Hi Heidi – the person to speak to is Hagen at AskAnswer media. He is very good and very professional.
      I will send you both each other’s address.
      I like the granite blocks though I want to do them differently.
      Interestingly I have drawn and painted tombstone structures before.
      I discussed them with a psychiatrist and we agreed that there is nothing sinister about them.
      Watch this space.
      Cheers hey

  3. Hi Stephen, The grouping of trees is incredibly well done. This is a look I strive for and seldom achieve. I also like the softness of the distant headland. Is the Sentinel the large rock on the the far headland? This is beautiful country. Don’t give up yet.

    • Hi Linda
      Thanks for the uplifting comment – Yes – I am going to give this another go.
      The Sentinel is that krantz on the other side of the bay. The town of (they like to call themselves the Republic of) Hout Bay is just out of the picture to the right. Chapman’s Peak drive, built by Italian prisoners of war, follows the cliffs on this side of the bay and goes around to Noordhoek which is another beautiful area. In winter massive rocks sometimes roll down the mountain and I know of one person who has been killed. So now they have built shelters in the most dangerous places. It really is such a beautiful area. I want to spend a couple of days painting there. My year in my other life continues unabated though.

      Have a great week.

  4. This painting is mesmerising, Stephen. These blocks of granite almost appear to be honoring the large structure on the other side of the water. For some reason, I want to call it disciples. I absolutely am drawn to how they glow with light.

    • Ha! I like that – thanks Leslie – I love blocks of rock and want to paint them so much. I wanted to present this beauty. There is definitely a communication going on between the rocks and the mountain. Thanks for pointing that out – I had missed it. I am pleased with the right side of the trees but not so much with the two on the left. I was getting tired and lost concentration. It is so interesting how this happens. I also get freaked out by the amount of paint it takes to go for deep values. All of this unconscious stuff in one painting. I hope you are doing well in Indiana – we have hot dry South Easter here blowing curling wisps of cloud across the rectangle of sky I can see out of my window, above the neighbour’s wall.

  5. Coming here from Leslie, congratulations on setting up your blog! Amazing finished piece of art.. Thanks for the treat to the senses!! Great perspective from the foreground..

  6. Hi Stephen,
    You have set up your distance in this painting very cleverly. It’s not just the sky/sea washes, The rocks in the front make great reference to the one in the back which everyone knows is bigger in concrete reality, but when it appears small in the background, it just give such a “pow!!!” to the perspective.
    I’ll chime in on the trees too. They are beautifully specific in the trunk work and well defined in the light and dark areas.
    I like this painting very much,

  7. Love the rocks and I agree with Leslie that they seem to be paying homage to the large boulder across the water.

    beautiful work Stephen. Hope you are enjoying your summer. It’s already VERY COLD here. Brrrrr!

    • Hi Carol – thanks hey – yes, I like this painting more and more. I am thinking about how I can develop the design as I look at the two versions up on my shelf. You guys must wrap up warmly. I cannot imagine living with the cold as you do. We have Black South Easter here – howling South East with low cloud and some rain – but still warm enough to forgo the jerseys. I am all for Summer and could quite easily live on the Equator somewhere. cheers hey S

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