Carols by candlelight

Last night we went to Beaumont Primary to watch Ethan sing his last song for the school, at the Carols by Candlelight evening.  It was so beautiful sitting on the field, surrounded by the Boland Mountains, orange in the setting sun.  I had a chance to paint the family sitting in front of us.  If I think about my first one of these at the race a couple of years back, I am greatly heartened by my improvement.

this is 180x280mm on 185gm Arches Cold Pressed


4 thoughts on “Carols by candlelight

  1. So I take it that you take your drawing pad, watercolours, brushes and a water jar with you wherever you go. I should do that too. And, on top of it you are not shy or feel awequet (spelling?)or draw attention on yourself when you start painting in public. I’m jealous.
    You inspire me. I did that in the States at a Yacht Club. Oh, and I did that at an airport too. I must say one can get over the “self-consciousness”.

    • Hi Heidi – yes I have a box that is 300 by 400 mm which is just big enough for a quarter sheet of paper. A friend of mine made it for me in return for a painting – so it has a specialness about it (Thanks Ian). I use a juice box, folded up for water and I carry a water-bottle in my pack. The rest is just about the thickness of my skin on the day. There is an eclectic group who sit there every morning, who are begging to be painted. One day. Long ago I got over the demand to produce beautiful work and that has given me the space to do it. I believe a thing worth doing is worth doing badly. But I also do my best on the day.
      Well you have done it already – what are you waiting for?
      Cheers hey

  2. I cannot believe that you can take out your paper, paints and the rest of your supplies in front of all the parents and other school kids and paint. Good for you. I like your painting. What did Ethan sing?

    • Hi Carol – Actually I realised that sitting painting does not attract that much attention – I thought to myself it was not so different from taking photos – though of course it is completely different – just an idle thought. Eventually I would like to be able to create finished work in a sitting. Thanks for the encouragement.
      My first teacher once said if I really wanted to learn watercolour I should set up in a mall and do portraits. Can you imagine? That would be so exciting.

      Ethan and the Grade 7s sang “My Redeemer Lives” with lots of hand waving and clapping and not a lot of singing. Normal school-play kind of stuff. It was just pleasant chilling with some friends on the grass as the sun went down.

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