the fountain at CJs

This morning I had a meeting at CJs and had time to paint the fountain and sketch the pigeons as I waited.

this is on 185gm Arches Cold Pressed – 180x280mm

My darks are little more tentative here.  mmm.  Perhaps it could have done with wash of nice deep darks..  The umbrellas on the left would also have enjoyed a little more definition.  But otherwise it is not too bad.

But the palm tree kind of works.  Some one has trimmed the leaves on the palm tree and removed the nest.  There was a juvenile rock-pigeon sitting on a leaf so perhaps the chicks survived.  I wonder if it was really necessary to cut back right now.


8 thoughts on “the fountain at CJs

  1. Stephen, you seem to be painting a lot lately. That’s really so nice. Practise makes perfect they say. I wish I could go with you to paint. Where is CJ’s?

  2. Yep. I’m with you on the trimming thing. It could have waited. We are going to push everything worthwhile in nature straight off the map if we persist in thinking just this one nest won’t matter. How many others are doing the same thing at the same time. This view of the fountain looks like a different time of day to me. I am not bothered by your darks not being darker at all.

    • Hi Leslie – isn’t that just it – this one of my pet rants – about the desperate need of some people for straight lines and neatness. I remember a beautiful brick path with the roots of a Natal Fig growing between the bricks. It was a real fusion and I loved it. Then one day the owner dug up the path, cut out the roots and relaid the bricks – for what???? I found it quite upsetting.

      Yeah I quite like the painting – a bit sterile – it needs pigeons. But I ran out time. Darks are really powerful for making lights sparkle. But as in all these things they take skill. But this is OK.

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