Pigeons at CJs

This morning I sat outside the at CJ’s for a cup of rooibos.  My usual bible study group had slept in so I had time to reflect.  And to paint!  The fountain is in the square and last time I was there I watched the pigeons coming and going.

this painting is on Arches cold pressed and is 280 X 190 mm.

Last night I watched a short cut of Alvaro Castagnet’s Antwerp video.  His work is so inspiring.  He says ” See how the darks capture the light…”  as he paints “the dark mysterious trains”.  So in this painting I tried to capture the light with the darks.  And he is so free and bold with his reds.  That video is going to be my next art purchase.

When I got up to go I saw that I had not brought my wallet.  There were friends of mine having breakfast inside so I asked them to pay for my tea.  Then when I got out I realised I had left my wallet in the seat pocket yesterday when I went for a surf – so it was there.  Silly hey?



6 thoughts on “Pigeons at CJs

    • Hi Leslie – Thanks hey – it would be good to do this a few more times I think. Those pigeons are fun. Just to the left of the picture there is a palm tree and a white stinkwood and where the branches are tangled there is a rock-pigeons nest with two fluffy chicks – I could reach up and touch them.

  1. I like the lights and darks on the fountain. It really sparkles. And I like the birds too. It’s a little unusual for you to do architecture, so this was a nice surprise when I clicked on your site. 🙂 It seems like you can paint anything well.

    • Ag Carol you are so nice!! Your encouragement comes like a cool breeze – at just the right time. Thanks for these kind words. How is your Saturday going? I look forward to what you do in your class tomorrow.

  2. Neat way to say, “I’ll pay you on Tuesday for a Rooibos today” (Wimpy to Popeye). Seems to me it’s not the first time that you’ve misplaced that wallet when you were at CJ’s.
    Kidding aside, this is a very nice watercolour – you are right that the light just sings because of the darks. And it’s nice and warm with the reds from the roof.
    I’ve been catching up, so this will probably be the only one I comment on, but I’m glad to see you are continuing to be so productive. I liked the carol singing family group and the cliffs.

    • Hi K – yes I am using all the bottled up desire to paint now that the year is slowing down – only it is not really slowing so much.
      But I am enjoying the time in the studio.
      And in the field.
      Let’s see what the Summer brings out.
      Nice to see you here

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