Umkomaas – No 1 rapid at High Over

After painting the nursery watercolour at Green With Envy I drove up to Pietermaritzburg to visit my sister Margie.  The sleepy-hollow has grown.  But it is still a pleasant town to be in.  On Thursday we drove out to Hella Hella on the Umkomaas river, to a guest farm called Highover.  Truly this place is a small slice of heaven.

I was a bit tired from the week but went down to the bottom of No 1 rapid and did this painting while Margs read a book.  Later I went down to paint again and walked into a herd of impala:

We chatted late into the night and then I went to sleep with the sound of the river.  In the night I woke to hear gentle rain falling.  It was so peaceful.  In the morning, Dave the owner came down to chat and said we should not dawdle too long as the rain could make the road out of the valley impassable.  So we put our stuff in the truck and drove back to Piemburg.  And then it was off down the N3 through at least three accidents, to get to the airport with minutes to spare to check in for a flight that was delayed for a few hours.  Heh heh – who cares…


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