Painting at Kogelbaai with Tim and Ben

This afternoon I went down to Kogelbaai to paint with my brother-in-law Tim and my nephew Ben.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  After wandering around a bit we settled at the bottom of the path off the Caves Beach.  I found a nice big square rock and sat in a bunch of grass near the tap.  And this is what I did.

Painted on Arches Hot Pressed (man I love that Hot Pressed) 380 x 280 mm.

Here we sit…

Notice the lovely square boulder on which I sit.  This is Table Mountain Sandstone (TMS) at its best.  I have said it before; my dad who inspired me to paint when I was a pik, used to say “The important thing is to find a comfortable place to sit”.  And he was right.


15 thoughts on “Painting at Kogelbaai with Tim and Ben

  1. Hi Stephen,
    It gives a whole new meaning to the word “Pipe”
    I hope you had a grand time with your brother, painting.
    It’s great to have family that also paints – my two sisters both paint, one more than the other, and I find it’s wonderful to be able to discuss one’s work with the other.

  2. It’s interesting that you love hot-pressed Arches. I like it too, but more for pen and ink with a touch of watercolour. The medium cold-pressed Arches is really nice for watercolours, I find.
    Anyway, your painting is lovely and fresh and clean. I like it. I don’t like the tap in the picture though. Did you have to put that in?

  3. I like your faucet in the middle of the beach. How did your family do with their paintings? Beautiful beach scene. I’ve never tried the hot press Arches. Will have to give it a go.

    • Hi Carol

      thanks – well I thought the faucet looked quite fun – and I was proud of how well I did it.
      It is my source of water when I am down there.

      I have helped Tim create a blog and showed him how to post on it.
      However he is a bit of a Luddite so – no guarantees.
      But he has some wonderful paintings to show.
      He spent time in British Guyana managing a gold mining operation and has a story to tell about that – with watercolours.
      He has agreed to post them – but don’t hold your breath – (o:

      His blog is at

      Cheers hey

  4. I like the spigot! It gives me some detail in the foreground and adds more depth to the scene which I really like in a landscape. Also like the foreground grasses. Maybe you like the hot pressed because the paint creates more interesting shapes as it sinks into the paper quicker? I need to spend some time with some hot press. Looks like fun!

    • Hi Leslie
      thanks – I like it too – spigot is such a cool name for this. Faucet and spigot are kind of more fun than ‘tap’.
      While was painting I thought about ‘Yupo’ which sounds a bit scary to me.
      But the hot press is a nice find.

      Have a great painting week.

  5. This is a lovely painting Stephen. I was in a docter’s waiting room the other day, paging through an ‘old’ Getaway and read an article about Tim. Have a good week.

  6. The family that paints together…! What a joy that must be to share your love of watercolor. And this is a beautiful piece – maybe the good seat helped 🙂

    • Hey Barry – nice to hear from you – yes I have been getting in some good painting in between consulting jobs. Thanks for the encouragement. I have been reading about your trip to S Korea which sounded so exciting.

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