the sermon

Here is a sketch I did of Gavin preaching from Hebrews 6.   I was listening – really.  But I was also trying to catch his hands as he gesticulated.


10 thoughts on “the sermon

    • Hi Heidi – it is quite irresistible hey? Did you go to the opening of the exhibition? I was busy with a workshop that finished quite late. I dropped in later on my way home and there was a small remnant of old hands, all ticking pleasantly away – a nice close to a hard day…

  1. I haven’t checked in lately as I’ve been on the road. Love your sketchbook sheets. I’m always fascinated by sketches with text and the drawings are terrific. Very generous of you to share such personal material.

  2. Stephen,
    This sketch is so animated. I love it! You have such a good balance between light and dark in this, and your minister looks like he is right ready to conduct an orchestra. Very emotional and dynamic. Great sketch!

    • Hi K – so you really are back! thanks for the note and welcome – I would love to be able to sketch really well – so far to go – but I am on the journey – Yeah that is Gavin – he has started waving his arms lately which makes for interesting drawing… (o:

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