Mens breakfast

Yesterday the men in our church got together for a breakfast at CJs hosted by the lovely Cecily and her delightful staff.  Sean the psychologist spoke about stress and how to manage it.  And I did some sketches of the guys sitting in front of me.  And here is the note from my sketchbook.  That is Peter Makapela in the foreground Pat the entymologist, Big Mike and Gavin the minister.  I would love to do more sketches and paintings at CJs – there are such interesting people who come for coffee and meals (note to self ).

2 thoughts on “Mens breakfast

  1. It was an inspiration to meet with you at breakfast yesterday, I came home and organised my own box of paints. I now begin my own journey of painting on the “move” To capture life in rough strokes of colour on a white sheeet surely involves a patience which is uniquely sensitive. Your work is fantastic! Thank you Sally-Ann

    • Hi Sally-Ann – thanks for this note – it was so good just to sit and chat – very therapeutic. And I am looking forward to seeing what you do. Painting as it happens is really such a wonderful thing to do. Thanks for the positive feedback.
      Cheers hey

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