figure studies

Figures are a whole new thing.  But at last I feel I am getting somewhere.  I have been practicing with photos I took at the beach a while ago.   I love what happens when it clicks and the pencil traces the curves and angles as they are.  I guess that is the hop over to right side of the brain.  Of course research shows that what happens is a lot more complex than what has been popularised.  But there is definitely a change of state.   Now I want this to happen when I paint from life.  Ai – the journey continues…

I have just done this after practicing drawing.  Well at least she did not have to stand there.  Or not (o:

I am working smaller again:

340x250mm on Fabriano 300 gm

I have been listening to Fleetwood Mac as I work.  Poor things they cut a whole disc in the midst of their relationships being torn apart.  I remember hearing them talking on the radio once.  They were saying it was not a happy time, with break-ups happening throughout the time.

Here is the first I did last night:

And earlier this evening I did this, also from photos:

Now I am really tired and will fill in more detail on the painting tomorrow..


4 thoughts on “figure studies

  1. I love all of these, Stephen as you treated them all with gentleness. However, the unfinished look of that first one draws me in and allows my imagination to soar and finish it in my mind. Very captivating, that one is.

    • Hi Leslie
      nice to see you here – it has been a long week hey? thanks for this feedback – I would love to get this right – I spent a couple of hours drawing from the same photos this afternoon and painted two more of the same group but feel like I went backwards. maybe I will post them tomorrow. I have been invited to submit 5 paintings for the SASA merit exhibition for early next year. Evidently, though my third painting was not accepted I achieved a high enough score to make the cut. So I would like to keep going. However I was keen to have an early night and it is too late for that…

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