Passing show at The Pipe

The Pipe was so beautiful yesterday morning with Cumulonimbus lifting high in the sky, underlined by mauve lenticular clouds.  The waves were messy but the sun was warm.  I just wanted to stay and paint but had a car full of people with other ideas so had to return to hit the job-jar.  After fixing irrigation systems I had time to go down again.

I painted this on Arches 300gm 190x280mm (Cold Pressed)

By now there was a chilly wind blowing.  It was too strong to set up my easel so I built a sand-castle and sat on it to paint the passing show.  Man!  People move fast!  I was able to paint the guy walking by sketching and painting and watching him disappear down the shore.  Then I had some good fortune when the young chap got out of the water and sat on the beach wrapped in a towel as he waited for his dad (I assume).  And then Leith and his girlfriend came up and chatted.  He wanted to make sure there was more than a just a line.  By now a chilly wind was blowing down the beach but I persuaded them to stand for a minute while I sketched them and tried to remember the colours which I did when they had gone.

Lastly I quickly filled in the background.  I was shivering with cold, which was probably not such a good idea.

As I packed up, the mountains over Gordon’s Bay put on a magnificent show.  The peaks were clearly etched in shadow and the colours of the different geologies stood out.  I stood and watched with my legs wrapped in a towel to keep warm then hurried off.


5 thoughts on “Passing show at The Pipe

  1. I have to give you credit for sitting in a cold wind to capture your watercolors on site. Truly a dedicated plein air painter you are, Stephen. I, too, need to practice some more little people. Love the array of figures in this! 🙂

    • Hi Leslie – it is fun doing the people and I have thought it may be more fun to just record them separately in a notebook rather than trying to make a painting. Whatever – it was fun. I was just not prepared for the cold which was thoughtless but not the end of the world. Thanks for dropping by here.

    • Yes – I am not decided about this. They were fun though. I like how the good guys incorporate figures into a design so that it all works. Right now for me, just painting the figures is a challenge. Nice to see you round here too.

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