summer hits the pipe

Saturday cooked here in the Helderberg basin.  I was feeling tired and thought a good surf would be good, with sometime under the African Sun.  mmm.  The waves were good and there were not many people in the water so it was fun.  Then I came out and sat in the sun to paint this watercolour.  I want to get a smaller sketch book to draw the people as they walk up and down the beach.  I met some friends of mine and as we stood chatting this charming little old couple stood in front of us watching and commenting on the surfers – it would have made such a cute painting.

Anyway – here we are this is on Arches 300gm cold pressed and is 280 x 380 mm


4 thoughts on “summer hits the pipe

    • Hey – I see that – thanks. People move so fast. Even the old guy with the walking stick. He had such an interesting face and was actually more stooped over. The other two guys hung around getting ready to swim but not so long. The figures on the right walked past from the left, turned at the water and walked out on the right, a young guy and a girl. Zip zip zip and they were gone – I so want to be able to capture these things – cheers Leslie

  1. What a beautiful day! The sky is gorgeous, the people are very well done and the design with the diagonals in the sky is really strong. Sorry I’ve been away so long. I have really been in a slump!

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