Route 62 is a beautiful alternative journey through the Klein Karoo that is becoming more and more popular.  Each rise in the road offers stunning vistas and each little town is picturesque.  The artists are moving into these towns filling them with the idiosyncratic.  Very funky!  On the way back from George on Friday we had to pass through Montague and so took route 62.  There was not a lot of time for dawdling but we stopped at Smitswinkel (Smit’s shop) 10kms short of Ladismith, for pancakes and apple pie.  It was so cool sitting on the stoep watching a few passing cars and the distant rainclouds on the mountains.  So I stole 5 minutes to do this painting.  I sketched the tree and added it in later.

Man I can still taste that apple pie – it had just come out of the oven.  And the people were so friendly.

This is 190 x 280 mm on Arches 185gm Cold Pressed.

The views down the road through Barrydale, Montague and the Huisrivier pass are breathtaking.  Dick suggested we stop to paint in the rolling, ripening  wheatfields around Caledon.  The early setting sun was spotlighting the hills through the clouds.  Ai!  But time was not there.  So…  I feel the demand for a long leisurely, hard working painting trip…


2 thoughts on “Smitswinkel

  1. Love the landscape. The clouds are spectacular and love the tree on the right side of the painting.

    It’s apple time here in the North East of the USA and I got a whole bag full of delicious apples. Now if I only knew how to bake a pie…..

    • Hi there – our shops are full of lovely crispy apples at the moment so I am enjoying that too. A mouthful of apple and a couple of almonds, walnuts or pecan nuts is so tasty. Apple pie or apple crumble is tops. thanks for the comments hey

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