Another Touwriver

On Thursday I traveled up to George with a friend of mine who owns the business with whom I have been working there.  He had a 09:00 meeting so we left Somerset West at 04:00 which is nice and early.  Dick is a farmer and a hunter so the trip is always very different.  While I am composing watercolours he is picking out all the game.  The last time we saw a small herd of fallow deer.  And this time, on the way up we saw elephant!  How about that?  There are not many people I know who can stop to view elephant on the way to work.  They are in a reserve on the route.

Anyway, we camped in Wilderness in spite of dire flood warnings.  Fortunately there were no floods.  But I did have a chance to sit on the river bank in the gathering gloom and paint the view.  Then we had the best pizza in the country at Pomodoro.


2 thoughts on “Another Touwriver

  1. Great watercolour with lots of contrast in lights and darks. I find it wonderful travel with someone who is practiced at looking – but has a completely different perspective. My friend, a DNA scientist, is like this because she has had to be very observant in her work and she has taken lots of biology that is not so introspective as the DNA part of it. So when she is walking with me in a natural landscape here in Paradise, she is always pointing out things that I haven’t seen – and it’s lots of fun.

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