Kogelbaai in the studio

Here is a studio version of the same scene I did last weekend.

Cold pressed Arches 300gm 560x380mm (a half-sheet)

I am pleased with this work.  The rocks on the beach are covered in treacherous seaweed.  It is good to walk on when it is dry but when just a little damp is very slippery.  Throughout the summer the rocks are covered in sand – how does that weed survive?  Anyway I think I captured it well.  I would like the big rock to have tuned more at the edge

I feel though as if it is waiting for something else.

Someone to step into the picture, an entry…


4 thoughts on “Kogelbaai in the studio

  1. Stephen I like your style and your way of capturing the mood in the picture. Perhaps a few birds would have made it more of an alive sort of picture.

  2. I think the way you left the large rock makes it look as though it is capturing the brightest rays of light and reinforces the light on the whole piece. Good work, Stephen. Sometimes it is just as hard to know when we are finished with a piece. Love the color!

    • Hi Leslie – and in fact it was catching the light – I want to be able to show how the light danced on the top of the rock.
      and I think there is a little more to do on it but will sit with it a while.
      cheers hey

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