SOLD !!!

How cool is this?  I was late for the opening of the SASA exhibition because I was facilitating a conversation at my church.  Aura, Sinead, Ethan and I drove through and got there an hour after the speeches and I saw that someone had bought one of my paintings.  This was the painting of the guys heading home on the Shire River in Malawi.

I think that is so neat!

This was such a pleasant afternoon.  First, I saw that my Brother-in-law Tim was there and he joined us looking round the gallery.  Then Sune and Piet who are dear friends drove out to see the exhibition and they joined us for some lunch.  I met Dale from Monday night who was arriving as we left.  Finally, as I was standing in the parking lot looking up at the mountain I heard my name being called and turned to see Andy, in whose house I had rented a room long, long ago, when I was studying at UCT.  I remember those mornings, walking through Newlands Forest to campus even now.  What a beautiful time.  So all in all a wonderful afternoon.

Hazel Soan opened the show and everyone said she was wonderful but unfortunately I missed that – and I did not meet her because she was busy chatting whenever I looked.  Another time maybe – I like her work so much…


6 thoughts on “SOLD !!!

  1. That is so exciting! That was my favourite painting as well. (Or maybe some other ones…) I couldn’t make it in the end. But will try to go and see the exhibition.

  2. YAY!

    Congratulations. You work so hard at your paintings and you are so talented you deserve to sell tons of paintings.

    That is some lucky buyer. Getting in on the ground floor before all of your work becomes unaffordable.

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