That side of the peninsula

On Monday night I did a talk to a group of people in Hout Bay about workshop facilitation.  A fun event.  Hout Bay is over the other side of the peninsula.  Friends invited me to stay over in their guest cottage, to save me the trip back to Somerset West late at night.  I thought how great it would be to have some time that side so I took them up on the idea.  I painted a watercolour at Hout Bay beach the next morning. Painting on the beach was great and I had a nice chat with a sweet British lady who spends a few months of the year in Cape Town (we call them ‘swallows’).  I was also accosted by swarms of vagrants who tried to sell me garish flowers made of glass beads and knotted leather keyrings.  Fortunately the tide came in as I painted and the peddlers didn’t want to get their feet wet.  Though one guy stood for ages watching me before moving off .

This painting is 260 x 380 mm on 300gm Arches Cold Pressed

There is bronze leopard on top of the rock in the middle ground that would make a great painting.  And Chapmans peak drive goes around mountain across the bay.  In the far distance is the town of Kommetjie and Slangkop lighthouse (I think it is called).

It really does feel to me as though I am on a plateau with these paintings.  I stand there and do one after another and I don’t see improvement.  This is a general rule in development and my intention is to push ahead.  As Julia Cameron says, “turn up at the page everyday”.

On the way home I stopped in at Muizenberg for a bite to eat at Knead Bakery.  I sat out on the pavement in the rising, chilly South East wind and did this sketch and painting.

Quite a fun painting and good in parts, but I don’t know…

While I was painting two friendly Norwegian school-girls stopped to chat and they liked it which great.

The watercolour is 190 x 280 mm on 185 gm Arches cold pressed.


4 thoughts on “That side of the peninsula

  1. Stevo

    Love your paintings-makes us long for home so much; Kommetjie and Slangkop Lighthouse (you got it right)!
    Chappies is great for painting from all sides. You should hang out there some more, as is the Sentinel. You could do a series on Cape Mountains?
    If you can, check out Solomon Caesar Malan’s watercolour paintings at the turn of the previous century. He visited the Cape for ten days or so, and did the most beautiful watercolour works I have ever seen of mountains-purely as a document (he was a missionary on route).
    The Stellenbosch museum has some of his works …
    Miss you guys. Check out our site for recent pics.

    All the best dear friend

    • Hi my brother
      It is so good to hear from you.
      I am going to come across to see you there.
      And I will look up the work.

      Today I spent some time at Kirstenbosch helping them with the hanging for Saturday.
      Man – there is some brilliant work on exhibition.
      I feel greatly honoured and very proud to see my two paintings holding their own in such accomplished company.
      I thought of you when I looked out across long beach to Kommetjie.

      thanks for this note and all the best – S

  2. I think your recording of all you see, Stephen, knows no boundaries. I enjoy following your explorations and am enjoying your travels from afar. You are recording time in “your time” and I could look at these replicas of your footprints many times over.

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