Saturday at Kogelbaai

I spent a morning at Kogelbaai on Saturday.  I have been engaging in a conversation with Linda Crank who wrote a posting on Facebook about the importance of the abstract structure of paintings.  Kogelbaai always blows me away because there is so much to paint so I picked a view and started.  I used a full sheet of Fabriano rough so there was a lot of paint to put on.  And the light changed, as usual, as the sun came over the mountains.  The view I chose looks to the South East so the light and the colours on the slopes changed a lot.  And as the shadow on the beach crept back the foreground rocks changed too.

Fabriano rough 300gm – 560 x 760mm – still to be completed

Here is how I started:

And here is the first wash I did before I took a break:

The version at the top of the post is how it looked when I left.

The insight I had about the abstract structure of a painting is that this is what the teachers are getting us to define by doing a ‘value sketch’ before we paint.  I have to admit that I always say how important this is but seldom do one for my work.  There is something to reflect on.

I very seldom get calls on my cellphone but while I was painting I got a whole lot – eventually I turned it off.  There was a group of people who had camped on the beach the night before and a couple of them came to chat.   I like that.  I can usually continue working as I chat.  Towards the end I found I lost concentration and started putting down blobs of colour so I decided to take a break and walked down to the shore line.  There was a big swell running and the surfers and body-boarders where having a rave.  I got back and completed the work I could do on the day.  Eventually the pressure to be somewhere else became to distracting and I packed up and walked up the to car.  Leslie posted a painting where she went back on site a second time and I may do this if I can.

I will pick this up as a project later…

6 thoughts on “Saturday at Kogelbaai

  1. Wow! What’s not to like about this one? I like how everything leads to the water, the “bright”blue water. This is you at your best. This has got to go down as one of my favorites. I like the contrast in values and the brightness of color.
    Thank-you for the mention, Stephen!

    • Hi Leslie – thanks hey – yeh I think its OK – towards the end the sun was very bright on the page and I battled to see what I was doing then I battled to see the colours in scene – an umbrella is a good idea, though if I had set up 4 metres back I would have been in the shade of a cliff face. Anycase – I just love it there so much.
      I see you have been busy your side. I love your self portrait – I need to join that party – even though I am late (again)…

  2. I looked at your drawing and compared it to your final painting and was interested in how much depth you got in the painting. The drawing doesn’t indicate how far away the mountains are, but in the final wow, you got the distance, the colorful rocks and the beckoning water.

    I like this!

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