Leipzig Country House

This weekend Aura and I were invited to celebrate the 70th birthday of a great friend of mine at the Leipzig Country House in the Nuy valley near Worcester in the Little Karoo.  What a great occasion.  The sort of event at which Hercule Poirot would have felt right at home – though fortunately there were no intrigues.

This morning I had a short time to sit and paint.  I wandered around the roads through the vineyards, looking for a good view of the buildingsEventually I settled down and did this watercolour.   But time was a little short and I got as far as this before I had to go.   So I am keen to finish off the work, if I can, this week.

The peak in the background is Rabies’ Mountain (pronounced Rarbees – after the Rabie family established in the area – extracted from the German family – De Rabe – (‘Rabe’ is a raven in German – a bird which appears on the family crest)


8 thoughts on “Leipzig Country House

  1. What a wonderful place. I am drawn to the composition in this one with the mountain and the nesting appearance of the buildings. Light is excellent in this. Would love to see the finished version!

    • mmm – maybe even tonight I may get some painting in. thanks – this is definitely going somewhere – (o: maybe I will do another. My friend Albert is going to send me a photo he took of the scene
      Cheers hey

  2. I quite like it as it is. Fresh and immediate and the colours and the paper-white are lovely.
    I also enjoy seeing the pencil. So many watercolour painters wear their arms out erasing any trace of pencil.

    • Hi Barry – Thanks for dropping round – I think I agree about leaving it as it is. I don’t usually update paintings but also don’t want to be hide-bound about it. I enjoy the freshness and don’t want to spoil it. As I was packing up I felt the need to put some more detail in the foreground – maybe… Cheers hey

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