This morning I drove through to Rondebosh to submit three watercolours for the selection day for the annual SASA (South African Society of Artists) Exhibition.

They were very well organised and friendly gentleman offered to help me carry my paintings to the queue.  The checking ladies made sure the paintings were labeled and forms signed, the acceptors took the paintings and gave me a number and a cheery old fellow took my entry fee.  Very slick, very friendly – well done SASA.

These are the paintings I submitted

Shire River transport – Malawi

760×560 on Arches Cold pressed

Ethan and Mia snoozing:

Kogel Bay Rocks (and it does (o:=    )

So lets see how these go – I need to pick up at 17:00 (sharp) tomorrow


This afternoon (12 Sept) I went to pick up the paintings.  They have accepted the first two for the exhibition which is really quite exciting.  My friend Cherry, the chairlady of the Western Cape Watercolour Group said there were 500 paintings submitted and they accepted 200.  So I think that is quite an achievement.

And the exhibition is to be opened by Hazel Soan – which is really cool – her watercolours are so good and her way of working is inspiring to me.


6 thoughts on “SASA2010

  1. Oh my! You picked three I would buy spit-spot if I could afford them. What I really like about these choices is the composition is similar in all three, just the values and subject matter are different. Strong, Richard! I hope they take all three!!!!! You definitely deserve it.

    • Hi Leslie – yes I think it is great – thanks for that – I also like the third one but they only scored it 7 out of 12. The first got 10 and the second 9. I am not sure of the criteria but apparently the judges included someone from Everard Reid,one of our biggest galleries, and someone from the Michaelis school of Art from University of Cape Town. So the big guns I suppose.

      However – I have not forgotten your wisdom about juried exhibitions and the unavoidable subjective element so I had in any case intended plough on as before.
      Cheers hey

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