Wednesday at The Pipe

Tonight I had a surf on the way home from seeing a client.  I was very pre-occupied but the waves were OK and I had a couple of great rides.  I chatted with my bud Leith, on the waves, who I had not seen for a while.  I was keen to paint so I went out and changed.

This is 760x560mm on 300gm Fabriano

There was still time so I took my box down to the shore and set up.  The colours were beautiful but the light was fading fast.  I muddled around a while and almost decided to paint the view in the other direction for a change and then decided not to.  Then I stood and drew one single line about a third up the page.  As I was finishing the line, I became aware of Leith walking up through the shallow waters.  He looked and saw a single line.  He made a comment about being out for half an hour or something.  But it all looked quite ridiculous and we both had a laugh.  Silly!

Then someone else chatted for a moment and I assured him I would try to finish the painting as I stood there.

Well I got the first washes down and started on the mountains.  However I had left it all too late and the light turned gold for a minute then faded into blues.  Also the washes stopped drying so I had to paint the final washes for the beach sand.  Eventually it was quite dark when I had packed and I made my way up the beach.  I would like to finish this later.  Tonight I have some other work and a sleep.

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