Caves Beach

This is one of my favourite places.  There is a walk through the coastal fynbos, over a little stream and down a rocky slope to get Caves Beach.  Each step along the way seems to open new beautiful views.   The sea here is usually clear and blue, maybe it is because there are no big rivers flowing into this part of False Bay.   And the waves are bigger and somehow less constrained.   From the top of the rocky walk down you can see the beach, the rocky points and far in the distance, table mountain.  I have painted this view a few times and will find the referrence.

Caves Beach – 300gm Arches 560x760mm

Yesterday I went down there at about 15:30 and found a rock where I could set up my board.  And there was a convenient little seat where I could fold a jersey and sit in comfort to paint.  I fiddled with paper and materials for a while before deciding it was another occasion to do a big painting.  I had a sheet of 300gm Arches – cold pressed with me as well as a board so I set it up and sketched a painting.  The beach was totally deserted.  Later three guys came down and drank a bottle of cooldrink and sat around and chatted.  One of them had a guitar and he played, wandering around the beach.  I could not hear anything above the sound of the waves but there they were.  They paid me no attention but one of them waved goodbye when the packed up and left.

As I sat the shadows on the rock lengthened and the light softened.  Towards the end of the painting the beach, the rocks and the cliffs glowed orange and gold, the sea took on a deep green colour and skies went pink and grey.   It was achingly beautiful.  Too subtle for photograph (with my kit anyway) and too quick for watercolour.   A last special gift for the day.

I had to pack and rush off as the light was turning as we had been invited to a braai with friends (I was late).  There is still some work to do on the painting but in the light of the next morning – I am well pleased…

But the magic of Koeelbaai still lingers.


6 thoughts on “Caves Beach

    • Hey thanks Leslie – it is coming along hey? onwards and upwards
      Yesterday I bought two sheets of Fabriano rough from our local dealer (why don’t they get Arches?????)
      So lets see what happens next…

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