One Spring evening at The Pipe

Well it has been a beautiful calm sunny day – high light clouds.  I took some time for a quick surf just before midday and noted the beautiful cloud patterns above the Gordon’s Bay mountains.  And I decided it was time to go BIG.  A full sheet.  This afternoon I took Ethan to his surf class and did not take my board or a wetsuit – so as not to be distracted from my course.   I also took a big board and luscious sheet of Fabriano 600gm rough (NB 600gm – its thick!)  I have been keeping it for ages for a suitable subject or occasion.  Well tonight was it.

The sky was full of pastel shades when I set up.  There were thick clouds in the West so the sun didn’t actually ever light up the mountains and at one point during the painting they started to fade into the murk of evening.   However the light rallied long enough for me to complete the watercolour.

So this is on 600gm Fabriano and is 560x760mm

I took two photos in the studio tonight, one with flash and one without.  Neither of them are quite right so I will retake a shot tomorrow morning – all going to plan.

4 thoughts on “One Spring evening at The Pipe

    • thanks for this appreciation CK – I am well pleased with where this went – looking at it now I can see a few touch-ups required – maybe – it got late yesterday at the pipe and the paint wouldn’t dry – on the way up to the car I had to keep drying small areas where some ugly crawlies spread in the damp paper –

  1. Big sky! ..and beautiful as though it’s rolling over on itself. I need to try a full sheet someday. I like the perspective in this one. It is dramatic how the beach opens up to you in this one.

    • Hi Leslie – big sheet is exciting. I used my squirrel hair mop and fatter sable rounds for this. I also used a 1″ sable flat brush which I have not used for a while. I think the aerial perspective works with the softer mountain in the background. Perhaps the foreground rock should have a whole lot more detail to bring it right forward – I’ll see. This is really such a beautiful place to paint – and I have improved – I found some of my first paintings there and I really struggled with the blocky, weathered quartzites that crop out on the shore line – this time I felt I was doing them justice – though it takes a LOT of concentration. It was a restorative exercise for my soul too…

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