Sunday morning at The Pipe

Ethan and I went down to the pipe this morning after church.  He had a surf and I had a chance to stand in the sun and paint.  There is not a breath of wind.  The guys coming out of the water said the waves were fun although they were smaller than yesterday.  People stopped to chat as usual.  All in all a great morning.

The lady in the yellow shirt came walking past as I began and after that no-one came into the field of view so I eventually did the beach and that was that.  I was keen to slowly paint the passing show till there were enough people and then fill in the background.

5 thoughts on “Sunday morning at The Pipe

  1. Best laid plans of doing people in a landscape, right Stephen? When I took that workshop this summer, Don Andrews suggested keeping a small sketchbook and painting loose little people in it as you see them. He, then, uses those to place in his landscape. I like this painting. It’s like she has her whole world to herself!

    • Hi Leslie – that is a good idea – I will try that. I am quite interested to see how easy it is to get the basic person shape down. But obviously the skill is to show something more. Yeah – I am quite happy with this – it was such a clear day down there.
      All the best your side – Monday is coming so I am off to snooze

  2. Stephan, I have been in and out of touch over the last few weeks. Everytime I look at your site I am impressed by your progress. Your palette is more clear and colorful and your beach scenes are so peaceful. It is a pleasure to visit.

  3. Hi Stephen, sorry I haven’t been here for a few weeks since I’ve been sick. I see I have a lot to catch up on. You’ve been busy!!!!

    A beautiful pipe painting and I just love your woman in yellow. She looks like she has the whole beach to herself to walk and reflect.

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