More of the girl on the sofa

OK so I have been dabbling in facebook.  And if you think blogging sucks time out of your day, well, facebook is MUCH worse.  much much MUCH worse.  But… there is an up side.  I have come across some amazing painters, some friendly people and one or two people who clearly have to get over themselves – mmm – delete friend.  Anyway not to get too sidetracked…

Melanie McGraw who does these beautiful moody landscape which you can see at posted a portrait by Kevin Beilfuss which caught my eye so I went to look at his site which you have to see at and HE had a painting in his album which blew me away.  It was a watercolour by a Nigerian artist called Ibeabuchi or ‘Ibe’ Ananaba.  Man you have to see this.  I can’t find it on his site but here is the link to his album on fb:!/photo.php?pid=5214669&id=621645597&ref=fbx_album – I hope you can get there.  I also found an artist who does these graphic women which I thought were cool – check them out at:


All that was to introduce the idea that I want to inject some zshoosh into my portraits and figures so I practiced some more with photos of Sofi – the girl on the couch.  And I read more from Herr Reid, Alex Powers and Jeanne Dobie whose work I also enjoy.  And I tired again:

Here is the first:

S-OK I guess – some colour but lots of blue and quite dark and the drawing was not great.  So I did this:

which was also OK in places but I overworked her face too much – I like her right arm colours but wanted to darken the elbow to get it to come out more.  And I need to do more background work.  I was going to do more but decided (at about midnight last night) to start again on this one.  I looked through my stack of paper and found a sheet of Arches 185 gm hot pressed.  I thought I would give it a whirl again and I must say I really enjoyed painting on it.

There is still more Iwant to do on this though it is not going where I want.

OK – and here is what I did the next evening:

I don’t know – I think I have totally over-worked this.

Last night after getting the first phase of the previous painting done I put it aside and started on another.  I got this far before going to sleep.  I like the clean washes and you can see some splashes of daring colour.  mmm this is not at all easy.  Anyway there it is.  The final version, the work I completed tonight is shown at the top of this post.

I have almost finished making the fence and the gate around my wife’s veggie patch, to keep out Dobby and Frodo who thought the new little plants were like Christmas – well maybe the association chickens make with Christmas is different from ours but you get the picture.  I have changed into my super-DIY-man kit today and have created an even flow of not-to-be repeated expletives but have more or less got it done.  I need a snooze but am keen to get the paintings done.

Well in the end there was no snoozing but I did go to The Pipe with Calvin and it was cooking!  It was real long-board country down there.  Big, slow combers that ran on and on.   I had some of the best waves ever.  I came out to do a painting but paddled back for more surfing instead.


4 thoughts on “More of the girl on the sofa

  1. I don’t know anything about facebook, so could not get into some of your links, above. Viewed two, though, and there was stunning work on both of those. I like your portraits. Stay true to your vision. I think your portraits have P-Zazz and energy. They also have a freshness and an air of spontaneity. A big thumbs up! 🙂

    • Hey Leslie – thanks for this feedback – maybe I should leave out the links – I just loved the work I saw.
      I am enjoying painting so much and there is interest in my work from some interesting quarters so…
      Thanks for the encouragement – sometimes the vision is clouded and your word is always refreshing.
      I am going to try to get some time with my surfing friend soon, who has offered to sit for me.

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