Watercolour demo

At the August monthly meeting of the Western Cape Watercolour Group I rashly offered to do a demo, if they needed someone.  Cherry, our erstwhile chair, suggested this month would be good.  And it was.  This afternoon I rushed through the coming storm to the library hall to set up.  I had prepared nothing.  My idea was to encourage everyone there to go out and paint in the field.   Earlier in the week I had taken some photos at the Pipe.  I had got there just as the sun was going down so I actually missed the bright son on the mountains but I got enough for a demo.  So I pretended we were at The Pipe and I set up my box and pretended the photo on my laptop was my ‘view’.  And off we went.

Well not quite.  First I told the people about my love for being out there and that painting out there was more important than what we created out there.   Then I showed them my little kit and told them how much fun I have had with that.  AND I gave them each a card.  When I paint on the beach people come and chat and I ask if they would like to see how the painting finishes up.  They usually say ‘yes’ and then I ask them to pick a card.  Hagen, the uber-designer, made me some cards with my web address on one side and some interesting parts of my paintings on the other.  All in all about nine or so different designs.   So people take a card and then we meet here.  Lekker hey?

So then I began:

Well there were people there but they were all behind me – standing and sitting on the stage.


You thought I was making this up?  (o:  Thanks for the photos Una Newland and the other lady who let me download off her memory card.

Anyway I finished that painting and we had some tea.  Where would we be without tea?  Well for me rooibos anyway.  And the most amazing melktert and ginger-bread.  I just wanted to keep stuffing my face.  But then someone asked me to paint rocks.  I had suggested we do another painting.  A BIG one – full size!  Heh heh.  But then I thought rocks would be good.  So I left the milktart and went to find a suitable photo to paint from.

And then I had about 20 minutes to do this:

Should I do more?   mmmmm.  think think think.


Altogether a well spent afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Watercolour demo

  1. I don’t think I recall you painting the pipe this late in the evening. I like the feel of this kind of eerie and lonely. Good job on doing a demo for all those people, Stephen!

    • Hi Leslie – yes it was getting dark when I took the photos. As I was driving down I saw the lovely colours on the mountains and berated myself for dawdling before I left home – but there you are. We still have stormy weather and there may be a chance to get some more – and do a painting while I am there.
      Have a great week your side

  2. That picture of rocks is not nearly as good as it was in the flesh. My camera work was not good. Your enthusiasm has spurred me on, I am taking my paints out into the garden…. thanks again Stephen. Una.

    • Hi Una
      This is such good news – all the best with this.
      Be ready to see the world with new eyes – it just happens.
      I would love to invite all the locals down to the pipe one afternoon to paint there.
      And I would love to see how you get along.

      Cheers hey

  3. Hi Stephen
    Thoroughly enjoyed your demo at the local library. I was so inspired! So much so, that I had a rush of blood and ordered myself the “Big Fat Luscious Brush” Now I just have to figure out how the damn thing works!!!It’s all your fault, you made it look easy. I know, loads of practice is what you will say. Love your creations and passion.

    • Well this is great Shiela – you are going to love the brush!
      Use lots of colour and make as much mess as you like – just enjoy the feel of it.
      And yes lots of practice – fun practice – abandon – joy!
      The journey brings its own delights and tools such as these, just like watercolour – maybe we can’t control them but we can learn to work with them and marvel at what they do from there on…

      Thanks so much for your positive feedback – it means a lot to me.
      The session was so much fun hey?

      Let me know how it goes.

  4. Oh, what I would have given to attend your demo! I just love that photo of the pipe and your painting of it. The colors are deeper than usual and very dramatic. And your rocks!

    It’s so much fun to read your blog and see your paintings. Both the paintings and the words are so joyful.

    • Well it is so good to see you back here in all of your positive energy – I look forward to seeing your next work too. It is windy today but I am keen to go out to those rocks to paint them there.

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