A calm, hazy evening at The Pipe

There were so many people walking along the beach this evening.  I had gone down for a surf but when I saw how crowded the line-up was I decided I did not have the energy for the hassling that happens out there.  Also I am still feeling a bit jaded so…

This painting is on a half sheet of 300gm Arches Cold Pressed (280 x 380 mm)

I set up near the end of the beach.  Walkers and runners bustled past and some folks stopped to chat, which is always fun.  I met some more sweet people this evening.  But I had had an intense client session in the afternoon and was feeling quite bushed.  So I kind of bumbled along.  Eventually I thought I had better get going or I will not get any painting done so I got my head down.   I decided not to put any people into the painting – by then I had done ‘people’ for the day.

There is a ten minute period where the dry sand on the beach shines bright orange, just before the sun disappears and I have tried to capture the colour.


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