Girl on a sofa

Here is the start of a figure in watercolour.

I am not sure when I will get a chance to work on this again – tomorrow is another big day in my other world.

I stole some time tonight to do the next bit of work – but that’s  OK because the time was mine (sort of)

And heres how she looks now.

I don’t know – maybe a bit overworked.  Last night I read Charley-boy on figures and he has a much quicker approach.  But he stresses that his loose, care-free style is very carefully created.  It is an illusion.  mmm – there’s a thought.  I saw a short clip of him painting two boys at a sports field – and he puts a lot of work into each swatch and very carefully evaluates the effect of each part of the painting.  He also uses very small brushes (at least I thought).

So I am keen to do this again but trying to hit the value first time.

I also thought about how I feel so confident painting at the pipe and so tentative with figures and faces.  Maybe it is because a tiny change in shape can have such a dramatic effect on the face.  And maybe it is also how subtle the plains of shade are on the figure and face.  Maybe I just need to tune in.  Whatever – this has been fun.


4 thoughts on “Girl on a sofa

    • Thanks Leslie – I am taking much longer on this than usual – my old way – faces require much more focus than mountains I think. I am reflecting on this a lot as I work and intend to capture my thoughts on this soon.

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