We went through to Stellenbosch to watch a hockey-match.  As we had some time I wandered into the town with my family and we had a snack and a drink at Beads which is a cool place to hang-out to watch the world passing by.  From where I sat, I looked up Church Street at the old chapel.  And I did this painting.  This is on Arches 300g cold pressed – a 1/8 sheet (A4 size).

Ethan suggested I give it to our waiter who was a friendly sort of guy – so I did.

Those the oaks lining the road that are all diseased in the town – and waiting to be replaced by some nice indigenous trees – Cape Hollies would be very beautiful.

8 thoughts on “Stellenbosch

    • Hi Carol – mmm – thats actually a reflection off the paint that was still wet when I handed the painting over. It was fun sitting out there painting. I always order a glass of water without ice or lemon but usually get one or both – but anyway. I also have to be careful where I flick my brush (o:

    • Hey – you got married there? That is so cool – what a beautiful place.
      Next time you go to Beads why not also do a sketch.
      Stellenbosch is really a very beautiful town with the Oaks and the irrigation canals along the streets.
      I could easily live there

      Lekker to see you here – I hope you are painting away.
      I am hoping to go up to Elandsbaai before the flowers fade away – my friends there tell me they are going wild.

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