Donder dag at the pipe

That’s Thursday.  Donderdag – Thunder day.  mmm…  I was still not feeling so great so when I took Ethan down for his surf-school I did a painting instead of enjoying a surf.  The swell was quite small anyway – though I would not have minded that.  I did this on Fabriano rough.  It is OK I guess but I was hoping to make more of the texture of the paper.

There were many people walking up and down the beach but I did not try to put them into the painting.

I was in a bit of a fog and got caught up in the patterns in the mountains, which is always quite fun.   This is on a half sheet – 560 x 380 mm.

4 thoughts on “Donder dag at the pipe

    • Ai – I am battling to shake this thing – but it is not too bad – Yeah I got a bit lost in the detail which felt OK for then. I also got a bit in a loop. I am doing a demo for the watercolour society next saturday and am going to show them how I paint in the field but off photos on my laptop – kind of a simulation thing. Anyway I started thinking about how I was doing as I painted and lost the flow.
      I hope you are getting some painting done this weekend – let me come over and look

  1. I love the color in this, Stephen! I think the color of the ocean changes to your seasons, There. I do not mind that you gave a little more definition to what you saw. Reads really well and there is a softness to the foreground where the wave washesup.I can see it moving. Nice painting.

    • Hi Leslie – you are right about the colour of the sea changing. When the rivers first come down the sea turns very brown. We can smell the river water when we surf, and the sea is full of leaves. At the moment the sea is a deeper blue green also being affected by the time of day.
      I am getting sense that once we know how to put paint down, with confidence, we can loosen or tighten our paintings and they still work. That elusive expertise.
      Thanks for dropping by. Your comments are always thought-provoking and uplifting.

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