Rain at the Pipe

Tonight was a beautiful moody rainy evening in our corner of False Bay.  We had a nice strong wind last night so there was a large swell running on the high tide.  Just right for a good surf.  Only I have been battling with flu today and trying to finish my documentation from last week.  I just wanted sea air so I took Calvin down for a surf with his bud.  After he left I waited for a light rain to pass then took my stuff down the beach.  The mountains changed by the minute, first dark under the clouds and then sparkling in the sunshine.  It was magnificent.  What a beautiful place to be.

I am using Fabriano Rough paper.  I love the textures as the colour pools and the French Ultramarine separates.  Just then there was some more rain which did its own thing to the painting.  Soon after the sun came out and I was able to stand the watercolour in the warmth to dry a little.

But just a I started to paint again my son rushed over to say he needed to be at school in 20 minutes.


I decided to take a leaf out of Leslie’s book and finish this off in the studio.  And this is how it looks:

7 thoughts on “Rain at the Pipe

  1. Oh wow. Look what the rain did to the sky! Don’t change that! It is amazing that the fact that it was humid and raining actually changed your page and paper. I know Fabriano Rough. When I use it and go back in? the initial layers seem to lift easier than on Arches. I like it, though, for the same reason you do. The value of the water is great under that sky. Is that water coming up onto the beach? Lovely! and a NEW scene of the”PIPE”. Thanks for the link, Stephen.

    • Hey Leslie – I was a bit dubious about using Fabriano but was pleasantly surprised. There is a local art shop that has a supply so I may get some more. A little light rain is great but this was about as much as a painting can take. Once I had the opportunity to paint at Victoria falls for a day. At one point the wind changed and the spray from the falls washed my painting all off. It was very sweet to watch. The tide was coming in as I painted and, with the new moon and the storm, the waves pushed high up the beach. Fortunately I was perched on the dune with the grasses (o: but yes – that is a wave pushing up. The sand changed from an orange-red to a blue green as the wave washed over. Beautiful, dramatic colours for the subtle eye. We are so fortunate to see this. thanks for the note

  2. Very, very nice. I like the moody rainy sky, the grasses bending in the wind anhd the deep blues and greens in the sea. Very nice. PS we are doing a new watercolor challenge… posting self-portraits on September 21, if you are interested!

  3. Holy cow! Stephen, this is very impressive and impressionistic. Such a different view of the Pipe. I love the colors. It also has a bit of an abstract feel. This painting is a real beauty.

    I hope you are getting over your flu.

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