Another Pipe evening

I love big match Saturdays.   The sea is usually deserted.   However our Springbok Rugby team played the All Blacks and their ref in the morning (my big match rant – (o: ) .   So the sea was packed.  But it was a beautiful evening and I had a couple of good waves and chatted with my friend Chris.  Then I shot out and got my stuff just in time to do a quick, one-wash painting of the mountains.  I caught the last light.  The evening was chilly and the paint did not dry at all so I could not put any further glazing.  But there it is.

On the sea I had been squinting into the setting sun so did not look in the that direction.  But when I packed up my kit I looked around in the direction of  table mountain and the golden sky just took my breath away.  There was no time to paint it so I remembered the colours and want to paint what I saw.


2 thoughts on “Another Pipe evening

  1. Hi Stephan, This is my second visit to your new website and I have added your site to my blog links. Love the colors in this painting. What a glow you were able to achieve! Beautiful.

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