Time to bid farewell

A while ago I set up a website and blog using the WordPress commercial package.  The idea was to set up an online gallery.  Well I felt quite exposed and a bit lonely out there.  And the set up was more work than I had expected.  So I came back here.

William Horwood wrote a heart-rending book  ‘Callanish’, about eagles in a zoo and a keeper who had survived Sobibor.  The eagles long to be free.  They stare up at the unreachable sky with longing and hope.  But one old eagle cautions them to be aware of how huge and frightening the sky will be if they ever get out.  One eagle does escape by attacking the keeper and slipping past, out of the cage.  But he soon returns and confirms how scary it was.  That is kind of how I felt.

Well now I am ready to spread my wings.  My site is pretty well set up though there is more work to be done.

Please come and visit and drop me a note.  I have run the two sites in parallel for a couple of days.   Tonight I posted the first entry for that site only, another watercolour of the Family at The Pipe.

So – see you that side…


6 thoughts on “Time to bid farewell

  1. mmm… Blogs and sites are different: one’s purpose is to sell, the other to communicate, think, share creations… sorry to see you end your blog. Good luck in your new venture;

    • Hi Isabelle – thanks for your candour – this is sad but at the same time exciting – my blog is up and running still – but on my site – it remains to be seen how this will work out but I am keen to give it a good go. Over the last few months I have found I am not able to spend as much time chatting on blogs and have been preoccupied with other endeavours in my life and I am not sure how THAT will all pan out.
      However – I have to say that I have enjoyed walking this part of the journey with you in the way that we have – your hikes, paddles and country workshops are inspiring to me, as are your notebook paintings, and your growing competence with figures. I intend to visit all my blog friends from time to time and invite you to do the same – though I do understand how my new site may be off-putting for some.
      All the best

  2. Hi Stephen, I’m glad you’re back to a wordpress site. I will visit you often. And are you still posting on FB? As long as I get to continue to see your wonderful watercolors, that’s all that matters. 🙂

    • Hey Carol – Thank you for such a sweet welcome. Yes I am going to stay on FB for now – there is quite good exposure there.
      And how did your figures class go last night? I will come to look shortly..

  3. Ho-humm – well now I am back – again – for how long who knows – Man it is lonely out there – WordPress cut you off from the community – I had not expected that – anyway I will try to make it work now…

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