Beach family #2

Last night I started another Beach Family watercolour.  I am off now to do some work in my other life and hope to be able to do the next part of this painting tonight.  We have real winter weather now with cold rain and, I am certain, snow on the mountains.  My studio is icy.  But I wrap up and this is such a fun project.

So…  A presto

OK – so here is the next step.  I am listening to the blues of Gare du Nord – mmm – awesome stuff

This is almost done – foreground maybe needs a little more – what do you think?

OK I think this is it – well at least time to snooze and see if there are any tweeks (not to be confused with fiddles) in the morning.

This watercolour is on a half-sheet of Arches 300gm Rough (560 x 380 mm)


9 thoughts on “Beach family #2

  1. Beautiful! I like this direction you are going with the people in your landscapes. Sorry about the cold. Good luck with this new venture. I so want you to succeed!

    • Hello Leslie – it is so cool to see you here in my new hangout. It is all coming on hey? Thanks so much for your supportive comments.
      Yeah I am really a summer person. But also Winter is so exciting with the rain and the storms. I find I can’t type so well in the cold but the painting goes OK. We don’t get a lot of snow here compared with you guys but it is also magnificent to see.
      All the best on your side.

  2. Hi Stephen, Good luck here on your new/old/new website. You know your fans will follow you anywhere!

    Love this painting of the family on the beach. No one does that wet sand and reflections quite like you. I can feel the wet sand on my feet! That baby is adorable and of course the water and mountains are just perfect.

    Good luck with your endeavors. I know you will be successful.

    • Hi Carol
      Well – it is great to have you visit here. Change is always easier if we bring something from the past and this is something great to have along. Thanks for the comments and the best wishes – all the best your side. Stephen

  3. Hi Stephan, I echo my friends above…good luck with your new site. As long as you have a blog I will be happy! Lovely painting. The figures and reflections are both very nicely done. Linda

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