Touw River in July

I was up in George with clients over the last weekend.  I had a meeting on Friday afternoon and spent the morning on the Giant Kingfisher Trail painting the river.  It was a beautiful blustery morning following a night of hot dry winds in front of an approaching cold front.  I had a great morning filming my walk-in, set up and painting process.  All this work has been lost but here is the painting:

I arranged to meet my good friends Ted and Sue at the best Pizza place in the Southern Cape (yep – Pomodoro – man, that quattro stagioni…). However let me not digress…  I had a few minutes before my meeting so I went back up the trail and painted a smaller painting of the river, as the Knysna Loeries swooped back over the river to nest.  They were so gracious and welcoming the last few trips that I wanted to give them a painting.  I will post a photo of the painting when I get an update.

That evening in Wilderness someone broke into my car and stole my camera and rucsac with all my hiking gear, including my MSR stove and precious pots from my old trangier stove.  What a blow!  What an attack on my dream!

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8 thoughts on “Touw River in July

  1. Absolutely beautiful. I really the the darks you achieved in the upper right quadrant and there is something very alluring about these scraggly branches you are including. They seem to point the way! 🙂

    • thanks hey Leslie – this has become a very special place – my work with my client is done now but the little perch on the river bank will stick in my mind for a while. It is so good to have you drop by

  2. I’d only read the first part before I commented. Now I see about the theft. Bummer. One always feels so violated by such an occurrence. I hope your insurance will replace the camcorder at least. So sorry!

    • Hey Leslie – its too bad hey? We have a growing drug problem here – there is an easy-to-make drug called Tik that gets a user firmly hooked and craving and it seems that we have a ballooning crime problem as kids look for things to steal and sell to support the habit. It is very sad really. I just hate being ripped off.
      Hagen the uber-web-designer suggested the “read-more” tab so I am giving it a whirl.
      Cheers hey

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