heh heh – well I hoped that it would have made something more pronounceable.   But it was really was just another evening at The Pipe (Friday).  Well no – I had two magnificent waves.  Wunderbar actually.  When this happens I get just an inkling of why people kick their day jobs to surf.  Man!


I left the water when it started getting to busy with people coming from the office.  And I set up on the beach.  For some reason I wasted a lot of time drawing and fiddling with gear before I got down to it.  But with the time in hand it was not a problem and I had time to chat with passers by.  Eventually I got going and decided to put in two figures.  One chap marched past and I was able to capture something of his walk.  Later two girls walked past arm in arm and I gave my chap a companion.  It was all so pleasant.  A friendly local couple agreed to take some photos of me painting, for my website.  Here is one:

Sweet kid came out of the water and spent a long time watching my painting.

And here is the painting:

I hung around and chatted and put in some finishing touches till it was almost dark before packing up.

Here is a photo of the view looking the other way just before I left:

that is the fence over the pipe with Table Mountain in the background.


14 thoughts on “JAFEATP

  1. Stephan, This so peaceful. The figures add real interest to the painting and their reflections are are lovely and vibrant. I love the colors, the composition and the feeling of “all’s right with the world”.

    • Hi Linda
      it is so good to get your affirming comments here – ‘All’s right’ is really how it felt even though the waves kept threatening to wash away my waterbox – thanks for this – Stephen

  2. What fun, Stephen! I like seeing you begin to add figures to your landscapes. Great picture of you painting! You know what, though? I like your paintings of the pipe better than the photos!

    • Hey Leslie – thanks for this – I agree – this is really a watercolour blog not a photo blog – thanks for the confirming note about figures. There are so many people down there – I really want to find a way to include them – as well as the town that sometimes creeps in.

  3. I like the two figures and the reflections in the wet sand are wonderful. Now, do I have to come over there and take those pink crocs away from you?

    • Ag no! you saw them! there was a little girl playing on the beach wearing the same colour crocs – they keep my feet a little bit warmer in the cold sand (o: – thanks for the comments on the painting – nice to see you here

  4. Ja, and we live on the other side where the brown cloud is hanging. Time to move : ) I like these figures. They look like they belong there, they didn’t pose for you. Try painting on another day to get you letters right… he, he. Cold weekend ahead. Soccer in front of the fireplace. Enjoy.

    • Hi Cecily – nice to see you here – the weather has just hit us here in George – so I am on my way back – heh heh – I only realised the letters problem when I saw someones abbreviation about LMAO and the penny dropped.
      It is great at the sea huh?
      Hasn’t the soccer been fun?
      cheers hey


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