Pampoenkraal – on a sunny afternoon

This afternoon I had to be in the area again and came prepared to paint the same scene.  I found a perspective which incorporated a view of the oak trees lining the main road.  It was a bit close to the main road but I thought it would be worth it.   As I set up I idly wondered whether the testosterone charged locals who roared down the road in the luxury german sedans and their streetsmart 4x4s also felt the magic of that short length of road in the shade of the gnarled oaks.

And then it was to work.

I had been reading Alvaro C who says we need to focus on warms and cools and paint with passion – mmmm – I can do that.  I wanted to paint the far end of the field with a bluish tint to create some space.  However when I looked in the afternoon sun it was bright, sparkling yellowy green – with a very hard line between the grass and the dark trees.


As I packed to go I saw the shadows lengthened for 30 seconds and then the sun dissapeared behind the mountain.  Anyway based on that info I softened the edge.


Just as I was loading my brush for the first wash a chap came wandering up the farm road with two little kids.  I said hi and he took an interest in the painting and asked if he could watch a while.  Which is also OK.  He said he was on his way to the taxi-rank in Durbanville town to catch a minibus to Fissantekraal (which I suppose is like Pheasant Paddock – (o:) .  Then as I put brush to paper he asked if I could give then all a lift.  I said OK but said the painting would take a while.

So off we went.  Stephen gave a running commentary on how amazing he thought the painting process was, especially mixing the colours.   I asked him what he did and he said he was a carpenter.  Well… I said I can’t cut two pieces of wood the same length so I admire anyone who can.  I left out that I usually end up throwing something when I do woodwork projects.

This Stephen and his two boys, Keach and Lynch.

It was a nice warm afternoon and they played around the area.  But as the sun went down I had to pack up as I felt the chill and saw they were not particularly warmly dressed.

Here is the painting, I may have to take another photo tomorrow in natural light:

This is also on a half-sheet of Arches 300gm (149lb -I think) 560 x 380mm.

We packed up and I drove the guys to the taxi.  It was very far for the kids man.


6 thoughts on “Pampoenkraal – on a sunny afternoon

    • Hi Linda – thanks for this – I sometimes feel so helpless so it is really quite nice when I get a chance to do something to help. That Pampoenkraal – ! – another place calling for more visits. Have a great weekend.

  1. Love the trees in this! They are alive with personality! I also like the division of space and how you lead me through the edge of the field with your swooping lines to the background.

  2. What a departure for you in terms of painting. This one reminds me a bit of Charles Burchfield. The swoop along the base of the trees brings the eye straight to the background. And could those boys be cuter? Loved your story and good for you for giving them a ride.

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