Durbanville, where I do quite a bit of work is right on the edge of ‘town’.  One second you drive between houses and scho0ls and next thing you are in between vineyards and wheatfields.   I had some time this evening and remembered a place called Pampoenkraal where I have often wanted to stop and paint.  I guess that roughly translates to “Pumpkin Paddock”.  The main road is lined with Oak trees and the dip is full of poplars and gums – not an indigenous tree in sight but still beautiful with a big field of what looks like wheat.  I found a place to stop just as the sun disappeared behind the clouds over hills of Bloemendal and set up my kit.   There was a chilly wind blowing and I did not have a beanie – which is an essential for me.  Here is what I finished just as it was getting too dark to see:

This is on a half sheet of Arches 300gm rough – 560x380mm (22.5×30 inches)

Definitely a place to visit again if possible.


6 thoughts on “Pampoenkraal

    • heh heh – thanks Leslie – yes I wanted to but there was an emphatically disenthusing sign on the gate (o: I am keen to try this again. Most of the artists in the book I have on 23 watercolour artists do their work in the studio, even Alvaro C, whose whole approach I love, so this is a good thing too.

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