woman at the Pipe

This is more or less what I want to do – from a photo.


8 thoughts on “woman at the Pipe

  1. I truly love the addition of a figure to your pipe painting. This is lovely. What I find fascinating, after viewing so many pipe paintings, is that my attention is no longer on the mountains in the distance. 🙂

    • Hi Leslie – thanks – this Pipe series is part of the journey – it is great to go some of the way with you guys here. I hope you are getting some good painting done this weekend.

    • Hi Linda – thanks for this – I so want to get someone to model for me down there but there is definitely more control in the studio. Cheers hey

    • Ag thanks hey Cecily – I also prefer the first one – the landscape is better too. Painting the second figure was fun though. lekker naweek verder – S

  2. Stephen, this is wonderful. I love the woman walking along the beach. I love the blue on her calf is perfect and the sole of her foot and the reflections in the sand.

    • Hi Carol – you have been working hard – great stuff – thanks for this – I want to do another soon. We have a bright crisp calm day here and I want to get down there if I can.

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