A misty day

It has been a very strange day in the Cape Flats.  It was bright and sunny at dawn but low cloud moved in and hung around all day.  I had a meeting in Cape Town and had time for a 20 minute surf at the Pipe which was brilliant.  The waves had this beautiful shape and the sea was glassy.  And in the thick mist I could not see the shore at all.  A bit disorientating really.  All too soon I had to rush up the beach wash my hair in the cold shower (I usually rinse off with my wetsuit ON in winter) and roar off through the traffic completing my dressing process.

When my meeting was over I went back to the Pipe to complete what I had started.  I put on my wet wetsuit (eeeeee) and trotted down through the mist.  The sea had turned big sullen and a little brutal (for me anyway).   I had a couple of waves but after an hour or so I saw something dark in the water which I thought was a seal and decided that was enough.  As I was getting dressed some guys came out saying they had seen a 2m long shark.   mmm – anyway.

I had my stuff and went down to the shoreline and set up.  The mist cleared around the mountains but it was still so damp that the paper got this big conkle while I was still fiddling with my brushes and stuff.   I tried to keep each part of the painting separate with some success.  However I wanted to add some darks to the mountains – but (hold your nose and go “eeeeee” – ja that sound) it was not to be .   The paper would just not dry enough – so I did what I could.

I had seen someone walking down the beach when I came up from surfing and I added them to the painting.  And while I was painting I met a whole lot of friendly people – which is always fun.

It was almost dark when I packed up and the moon was up.  What a beautiful evening.

The painting is on a half size Arches 300gm cold pressed (560 x 380mm) – what do you think?


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