Du Toit’s Kloof Pass

Yesterday I had business in Paarl and went up the N1 north into Du Toits Kloof pass to paint a scene I have wanted to do for ages.  I parked at the hotel and crossed the highway and walked up the hill a short way to set up.  I used a full sheet of Arches (560 x 760mm) which was a new experience.   It was so nice to stand there with a big squirrel hair mop, splashing the colour on.  Man! it felt good.

Eventually I had leave the painting half done because the paper would not dry and I had to get back.  This is how it looked when I left:

and this afternoon it looks like this:

On reflection I reckon I would like to have achieved something like this with the first wash.  Bold!  I need to go more bold with those first washes.

And I want to do something about how I carry stuff.  I carried these ungainly boards and sheets of paper with my art box slipping off my shoulder.  mmmf – time to get organised.

I plan to complete this painting here in the studio as I am not sure when I will get out there again.


4 thoughts on “Du Toit’s Kloof Pass

  1. Takes my breath away, it is so beautiful. In the top one? I like that green clump on the lower right hand side and that darker line of color that swirls the eye up into the mountain pass. I think it gives a feeling of larger depth. I love it that you softened the edges at the top of the mountains and lightened the shrub in the lower left corner. This is wonderful.

    • Hi Leslie – thanks hey – it was just so great standing there painting on this big sheet – I am so keen to do it again. Isn’t it interesting how the colours soften as they dry (just like they say in all the books – (o: )

    • that is so good to hear – It was so hard to capture the light in the crags – it is such a beautiful place
      I was keen to complete the painting with a wash of darks to define the crags and the scree but I am not sure if this is a good idea
      Perhaps I must rather find another reason to go out there again to do another big painting –

      MMM – yes now that is a strategy I can relate to


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