Uitkyk stroompie

The night before we hiked up to Spout Cave last weekend we spent the night at Uitkyk cottage with friends.  It was Jacqui’s birthday the next day and I had time to sit at the stream below the house and paint this water colour, just before it became to dark (and cold).  So this is her birthday gift.  I forgot to take a photo of the watercolour and have only just managed to get that done – which is why it is a little dated  here.

It was great sitting on the edge of the stream hearing the water splash down the rocks and watching the colours change.  As I sat down the last ray of sunshine shone out through a crack in the crags in the background.


8 thoughts on “Uitkyk stroompie

  1. This is a lovely painting and gift, Stephen! I like the texture you are including in these close-up landscapes. You even managed to capture that sparkle on the water. Lovely.

      • You can drive to the cottage – in fact Nature Conservation have a few houses for rent. and then you have access to a whole lot of beautiful places by driving and short walks – you don’t have to go for full on hikes – Cedarberg is very special – I think – If you havent been there (and I am sure you have) you must go. The road from Algeria round the back to Ceres is also very lovely.

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