A well spent afternoon at The Pipe

The Pipe was flat as a pancake this afternoon – well there were some tiny waves.  I took my watercolour stuff down to the beach as two guys went down with surfboards.  I asked them if they knew something I didn’t.  Well they said they were really desperate – and I can understand that.  As it happened they seemed to have a lot of fun as I heard them whooping and cheering as I got down to much more serious business.  ahem!!!

I stood down at the shoreline again and painted the Steenbras River mountains across the bay.  I painted a larger sheet of Arches and enjoyed using my squirrel-hair mop.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to capture the cloudy skies over the mountains.  As I was finishing off the tide pushed in and a few waves lapped over my feet and up the beach.  I got colder, till I realised I had a polar-fleece pull-over tied round my waste and a beanie in my pocket.  mmm – absent minded me.  Well at least this time I remember to take brushes, unlike my trip to the Pipe yesterday AND my walk up the mountains the day before.

A few people stopped to chat which is always fun.

Here is the watercolour:

This is on 300g Arches Cold Pressed and is 380x560mm.


10 thoughts on “A well spent afternoon at The Pipe

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! The dark strip of water helps to divide this scene and give it incredible depth. I know how huge the expanse is from this one. The wave looks real! The sky is betond good. It looks as though the amount of time you spent on it was well worth it!

    • Hello K – nice to see you here – thanks for the positive feedback – this is an exciting time round here for the skies and colours – Cheers hey

  2. I love your painting,dear friend!!!
    You remember me a nice moment that was happend now few weeks when i went with my boyfriend at the sea!!
    Thank you!!!

    I wish you a great day!!! 🙂

    • +++++******************i Alina – it is always so nice to get your messages. You are so in love and that is a beautiful thing which you share with us here. One day send me photo of you and your boyfriend on the beach and I will paint a watercolour for you. (the stuff at the beginning are a message from Frodo the little black hen who jumped on the keyboard to leave you a message too. :o)

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