Touw River

On Wednesday, as prepared to return to Somerset West from George I took some time to wander up the Half Collared Kingfisher trail to do a painting.  Actually I would have been happy to sit in the Winter sunshine and watch the cormorants working up and down the river.  But I found a pleasant view looking downstream from the lookout on the river-bank.  The forest glistened as the sun rose above the hills overlooking the river.  I took a video of the watercolour as I worked.  I am getting used to working around the camcorder.  So here we go:

The painting it 280x190mm on Arches Cold Pressed (300gm).

I am reading Nita Engle on how she creates forest and river reflections.  Soon I want to give her technique a whirl.

8 thoughts on “Touw River

  1. Beautiful glistening effect with this, Stephen! The warm color trailing down the bank on the far side and in the lower left hand corner reaaly point my eye down stream. That branch in the upper left holds me in and the whole effect lends to a wonderful composition.

    • Hi Leslie – thanks for that – it is such a beautiful spot that again I am tempted to over-crit but the whole event was very stabilising and the painting reminds me of that – so – nice to see you here again.
      I had to dip into the job-jar today but perhaps tomorrow will find brush on paper –
      Have a lekker weekend your side

    • Hey Linda – nice to hear from you. It is a magic place. In “… 23 international artists”, Alvaro Castagnet says a work of art should be meaningful as well as being beautiful. He says that passion, mood, magic and character are the pillars that sustain a work of art. Inspiring stuff. I would love to present work full of mood, magic and passion and character. This takes a lot of courage from start to finish. I have to say that comments like this inspire me to take more risks – so thanks – I appreciate your visits.

    • thanks Carol – next time what I will do is put down a base of colour and let it run and then put in a the details in the forest. I am going to ask Ethan to edit the video I took to focus on the main parts – so we shall see.

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