Fisherman at The Pipe

This is Wayne.   I went down to the sea today to paint the waves, following a suggestion by K.  There are no poles to create an interesting foreground – BUT – there was someone fishing from the shore which I thought would be a worthy change.  As I set up my stand he noticed me and turned to watch.  When he saw I was sketching he stood still with a smile on his face and his rod in the crook of his arm.   What an excellent model.  I motioned with a thumbs-up and he nodded.

I completed the main part of the painting and he came up to chat with me and his mates, who had watched the watercolour start.  He told me he fishes at The Pipe in the North-West wind though he had not caught anything that day.  He said he catches kabeljou and steenbras (both of which are lekker to eat) amongst others.  I offered him the painting but had to bring it home to photograph it to post here – so we arranged that I would leave it at the Orange Cafe over the road to Duckies.

And here is the painting:

it is painted on Arches cold pressed – 28x38mm


2 thoughts on “Fisherman at The Pipe

  1. Hi Stephen, I like your fisherman although I have never heard of kabeljou or steenbras.

    I like the reflection of the fisherman in the wet sand and the mountains far in the background.

    • Hey Carol – those are local names for line fish. False Bay is really badly over-fished but the guys still catch well enough when shoals come through. Yes I am quite pleased with how these worked – I intend to do more – with time – S

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