Wayne – take II

Here is a watercolour I did from the painting I did on the beach and from memory – kind of the way it should be hey?

Still not what I wanted but – another step in the journey…

phew – long day – time to kip

8 thoughts on “Wayne – take II

  1. What do you mean? This is wonderful! An addition of a figure to your collection of on-the-spot paintings! Fit for your book! I like how the figure melts into his reflection. Your palette is nice and moody, capturing the essence of time and place. …and it’s peaceful which is something I think many fisherman talk about when I listen to them tell of their experiences. I like this!

    • Hi Leslie – well thanks so much for that – Mr Critical Voice kicked into high gear there – but I am good with what I have done – later

    • Thanks Cecily – it was definitely a fun painting – Wayne was very gracious. I have just dropped his painting off at the Orange Cafe so I hope he gets it. It is a real wintery evening hey? Cheers – I hope you are getting some painting done

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